Urns made together with your loved one

Maan helps people find beauty and liberation in the inevitable adventure called death.

This is Maan. Of earth.

Life leaves things unresolved, death is an opportunity for learning, understanding, gratitude and peace.

The medium for Maan’s founder, Pia Zettinig, is natural clay. Formed into dissolving one-of-a-kind urn. Tangible core of the healing journey Maan provides. Transient totem for the departing soul.

Maan is the purveyor of good passings. Creator of liberating, shameless, consoling odysseys of death.

Deeply personal, healing experience


Pia walks alongside you

Have safe, deep, restorative conversations about death, dying and loss. Receive personal support and gentle guidance throughout the process. Release burdening feelings. Be respected and accepted as you are.


A totem of the soul

Using pure natural clay and pigments, Pia throws and paints a one-off urn for you. The histories and personalities are celebrated and translated into a vessel that dissolves into water and earth. Transient representation of the human being starting their next journey.


A loving keepsake

Pia charts and records the healing journey and the process of the urn creation. Providing a beautiful, personal diary as a loving keepsake and memorial. A testimony of the dialogue between souls.



MAAN is for all mortals.

Maan is many things but above all Pia Zettinig. She took to transform the unspoken, death and dying, into open, curious and healthy.

Maan provides a deeply personal, healing experience for people dealing with death. When the time comes you can be curious, let go and have peace.

The one-off, fully dissolving clay urn is an artful manifestation of the person, whose life is celebrated. Be it yourself or a loved-one.

The journey of healing and the creation of the urn are charted and recorded in a personal diary of mixed media. A loving keepsake.

Pia works with both individuals, who want to have a good death, and the relatives of the dying or the departed. Or those given a rare and daring gift.


There’s a universe in all of us.

Recognizing mortality lets us see what is truE AND gives us the power to be FULLY in the present.

Offer a profoundly personal, healing and green alternative to a traditional funeral.


We offer likeminded funeral homes an opportunity to provide a radical new service through a unique partner.

Help your customers prepare for and go through their own, or their loved one’s, death. And heal. Provide them a wholly green burial.

See the details of the experience Maan provides above.


Pia Zettinig is the founder and creator of Maan, from Finland. The one that walks with you through death.

For decades she has taken the path of mentoring and caring for people. A trained physio- and occupational therapist, osteopath, yoga and meditation instructor and an acupuncturist. A former national basketball champion, today a dedicated coach and mentor for the young players and their trainers. An ecological awareness educator, a pioneer of green burials. An artist, a business woman and a mother of four.

Pia’s gift for compassion has grown into a calling to advance a culture of openness around death. Breaking the modern day taboos of dying. Bringing back the acceptance of a complete range of emotions related to passing away. Making them an empowering force for individual and collective wellbeing.

Maan is Pia’s mantra for opening the connection between worlds, to be the channel of love, to make our lives better and our death matter. Compassionate and devoted to healing, driven by an exceptional energy, Pia’s actions are fully grounded and pragmatic.